Hopewell, Virginia

St. James

Hopewell, Virginia

St. James

Sanctuary and Nave Restoration

This project was the restoration of the interior of a traditional church which in the 1980s an addition and renovation had reoriented the church 90 degrees from the original orientation. The result was a confusing low space which covered up a number of beautiful windows and turned the focus from a beautiful high altar and tabernacle.

The renovation returned the church to its original orientation by returning pews to their original location and removing the 1980s altar platform. The choir was relocated to the new addition wing and a new baptismal area in the narthex created.

The original high altar and tabernacle were restored and are now the focus of the new restored sanctuary.




Liturgical Restoration


Schematic Design



Harmony, balance, proportion, human scale.

Beauty and craft.

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