Farmville, Virginia

St, Theresa Catholic Church

Farmville, Virginia

St, Theresa Catholic Church

Parish Hall Addition and Sanctuary Renovations

This project consisted of a parish hall addition and the renovation of the parish church. A major addition to the existing parish hall has been completed with enough space to serve 150 people with a storage space below.

Offices from the existing church have be moved to the hall where the existing spaces have been reconfigured for new classroom spaces.

The former office space in the church will be converted to an expanded sacristy and the existing confessional space, located in the sanctuary, which was not accessible, will be moved to a new accessible and location within the church.

The sanctuary itself will be beautified with a new tabernacle altar and decorative painting to emphasize the importance of the Eucharist and the altar.




Parish Hall Addition
Church Renovations


Schematic Design & Design Development


Parish Hall

Harmony, balance, proportion, human scale.

Beauty and craft.

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