Reredos Restoration Proposal – Virginia

This church  was built in 1950 as a traditional gothic style church.  In the 1975 the church was renovated in the wake of Vatican II.  Since that time the church has not been renovated or repaired in any way.  The current condition is good but a number of finishes have become run down and drab, for instance the carpet has faded from a dark red to a pale green.

This proposed restoration was intended to update the sanctuary to the current understanding and use of the Post Vatican II liturgy.   The altar, which is original but has been moved would have been repaired and completed and a new reredos installed on the rear wall, emulating but not copying the original from 1950.  A new baptistry was to be also created to emphasize the importance of this sacred rite of initiation.

This design was unexecuted and another design was selected by a later pastor.